Squaredemol Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Squaredemol Gameplay

iPhone Game - Squaredemol - gameplay.

Tipix - Preview of Upcoming iPhone Game

Developed by Touchsmiths, Tipix is a unique game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Think Breakout meets Labyrinth and you get a good idea of what Tipix is all about. Look out for the release...

Gravity Shmavity - Easy as Pie

Gameplay footage from our first iPhone game Gravity Shmavity: http://www.pandamittens.com http://www.pandamittens.com/gravity_shmavity/ Shows very simple, basic gameplay from one of the first...

rollercoaster reader on the iphone

IPhone software by Ariel Malka, following the experiments on text taking place at http://chronotext.org.

Retro Ball Game

This game uses the accelerometer in Android phones to emulate and enhance a game that was common thirty or forty years ago. Tilt your phone to make the smiley face rest over the target for...